Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rivers of Life

Rivers of living water flow out of my heart because I believe in you, Jesus. The "zoe" life of God is flowing through me, driving off the death and destruction that I inherited genetically through Adam. I have new genetics now! As a child of God, I was born into life! I have the privilege, favor and grace of God to walk in new life because You live in me by Your Spirit and Truth.

Jesus, Lamb of God, You took my sickness, my infirmities, my death and nailed them to the cross; then You took them down to hell where they belonged! Thank You that You rose again, and that You invite me to participate in Your victorious resurrection!

I release those rivers of living water from deep within. They are watering my body and my soul, and quenching my thirst. They are washing out the toxins that build up in my body from the stresses of sojourning in the world. I am being refreshed and renewed!

Through heartfelt confession of the Word, thanksgiving, praise and worship, I release the life of God that dwells in me, and I enter His presence and dwell in Him, Who is life everlasting. I loose the health and vitality that resides in my spirit to fill my body and drive away everything that doesn't belong. I am energized by His life and power, and His grace is sufficient for me this day. My cup overflows with these rivers of living water, and flow to others to refresh them as well. Praise the Lord!

John 7:38; Genesis 2: 7-15; Genesis 5:1-3; Romans 5:14; I Corinthians 15:22, 45; Jeremiah 2:3; John 4: 10-11; Romans 8:11; Colossians 1: 11-13; John 10:10; Psalms 46:4; Revelations 22:1

"ZOE" is a photo composite by Karen Gladys Henry © 2009. Art and blog entry by Karen Gladys Henry © 2009. All Rights Reserved. See title link for stock photo credits.

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